Tom Hendriks

Editor, creative and consultant. Freelance contributor, musician, voluntaryist, and shooter.

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Editing, writing and consultancy

I am Executive Editor at IGT Media, working on a wide brief for the hospitality industry, while maintaining a grasp on my roots in the business of good drinking.

I have written for our magazine,  In Good Taste, and various others.

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Oxford University Rifle Club

OURC is one of the oldest blues sports clubs at the University of Oxford, and competes in smallbore and fullbore target rifle, and match rifle disciplines, as well as occasional forays into black powder, pistol and gallery rifle in non-competitive events.

Formerly President in the academic year 2011-2012, I later held the position of Senior Adviser to the Club from the start of Hilary Term 2014 to the start of Hilary Term 2018. OURC remains unwaveringly close to my heart, and I still assist and advise as an experienced alumnus.

Dark Class


I produce experimental, ambient, electronic, and other music under this moniker.

I've got experience in, and am available for, remixing, live performance, composition, and custom installations and projects.

Tasha Vautier

 SoundCloud | Mixcloud

This is my current DJ/production project.

I produce techno and disco-infused tracks, playing an eclectic variety live, with those genres still at the core.


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