Thomas Hendriks

Editor and writer. Freelance contributor, libertarian and voluntaryist. Shooting enthusiast and hobbyist musician.

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Writing and editing

I am the Production Editor for the culture magazine In Good Taste, and also a contributing writer, spanning a wide range of topics, but with a particular focus on verbose accounts of good music and good drinking.

Beyond the magazine, I write freelance for various others.

Oxford University Rifle Club

OURC is one of the oldest blues sports clubs at the University of Oxford, and competes in smallbore and fullbore target rifle, and match rifle disciplines, as well as occasional forays into black powder, pistol and gallery rifle in non-competitive events.

Formerly President in the academic year 2011-2012, I have held the position of Senior Adviser to the club since 2014.

Dark Class


I produce electronic music under this moniker.

Starting out and regularly returning to the realm of experimental and ambient, I also produce more danceable beats from time to time.

As Myself


I also indulge in writing, singing and recording under my own name.

Acoustic singer-songwriter material, to country and blues.


I'm coming back to London in September, so I'll be around in the capital regularly in the next few months in preparation. I've closed down my location tracker. Apologies to my fans.


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